We are a leading provider of education and training opportunities that develop respect for diversity and the skills to succeed in a multicultural Europe. We offer a wide range of programmes through well-functioning, self-sustainable national and European structures.


CEJI offers short and long-term training courses (including courses for trainers) and programme development opportunities to address the specific needs of schools, youth and public authorities. We have also developed training programmes to address particular social needs. You can find out more about our work in this area through the Belieforama (TM) website:

Religious Diversity & Anti-Discrimination Training

The Religious Diversity and Anti-Discrimination training programme provides an educational process that transforms obstacles presented by different perspectives on religion into opportunities for social transformation. Read more about our Religious Diversity and Anti-Discrimination training course on the Belieforama (TM) website

Overcoming Antisemitism

The need to confront antisemitism where it exists, and to prevent it from spreading, is therefore an urgent need and a concern for all – Jews and non-Jews – wishing to live in societies that are free from hatred. This training course seeks to develop an understanding that Jewish identity has diverse expressions. Read more about our Overcoming Antisemitism training course on the Belieforama (TM) website

Overcoming Islamophobia

The recent recognition and identification of islamophobia means that comparatively little data is available on it (in contrast to antisemitism which has been well-documented for centuries). However, there can be no denying that the position of Muslims in European societies is under extreme pressure due to inflammatory discourse. Moreover, public opinion is often fed with generalised and prejudicial messages about Islam and its followers. Read more about our Overcoming Islamophobia training course on the Belieforama (TM) website.

Reconciling Religion, Gender and Sexual Orientation

Any examination of the challenges faced by those living in religiously diverse societies shows that some of the most sensitive topics revolve around issues of gender and sexuality, i.e. the role of men and women, sexual and reproductive rights, and conflicts of rights (real or perceived) between religious rights and gay rights. We need to find productive ways to transform the discourse around these issues, raise awareness of other perspectives and views, and find ways in which they can be reconciled so that all people can express their full identity with mutual respect for our rights and responsibilities. Read more about our Reconciling Religion, Gender and Sexual Orientation training course on the Belieforama (TM) website

Facilitation Skills

This module is designed for educators who seek to gain a deeper understanding of their role as facilitators of learning. Participants will develop facilitation skills, gaining techniques, tips and methods for increasing their effectiveness with the groups with whom they work. The course will cover different frameworks and models within which to analyse people’s behaviour and help to determine options for intervening in complex situations. Read more about our Facilitation Skills on the Belieforama (TM) website

Taking Action

This training programme supports trainers and participants in the development and implementation of their personal, professional, community and organisational action plans. It is also relevant for people who wish to deepen their capacity to facilitate action planning with various groups on various issues. Read more about our Taking Action training course on the Belieforama (TM) website

The CLASSROOM OF DIFFERENCETM enhances the awareness and skills of the school community to be able to embrace diversity, confront discrimination, and create inclusive learning environments where all pupils can succeed. Using the methods and materials of the Anti-Defamation League A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute, A CLASSROOM OF DIFFERENCETM provides training and curricular tools for teachers to develop effective classroom strategies.

All programmes are adapted to various national contexts and are adaptable to the needs of the target community

The educational basis of CEJI’s programmes is the anti-bias approach devised by the ADL’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute. This approach counteracts prejudicial thinking and promotes respect for diversity in society by developing empathy, promoting self-esteem, encouraging critical thinking, demonstrating diversity and inclusion and underlining the importance of social action.